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Sep 1 / Vick Mickunas

Labor Day, 2014

It has been a long time since I have made any posts on my personal blog. I have spent the last 7 years blogging about books for the Cox Ohio newspapers. Last week I learned that my book blog will cease to exist. So I suppose that I had better start blogging here again.

Aug 2 / Vick Mickunas

I love my plumber

Ours is a world of contradictions. How did we become encircled by all these oxymorons? Look at Congress. OK, bad example.

I’m always thrilled when I get good customer service. It happened recently. I have been working with the same plumber for years. He does good work and he rarely screws up. When he does, he makes it right.

My well pump failed and he replaced it. Actually, his son did the install while my plumber supervised. They left. The pump worked fine. Then after all those heavy spring rains it stopped working. I turned off the power and looked inside the well to determine what had gone wrong. The well was flooded. The pump was underwater. That’s why I have a sump pump in the well, so that water can be removed and the well pump will continue to function.

I thought, oh no, now the sump pump had failed. Then I noticed the problem: when they installed the well pump they neglected to plug the sump pump back in. The well flooded and my well pump stopped working because the plumber’s son spaced out on that one small detail.

So I called my plumber and explained the situation as nicely as I could. Of course he insisted that he had checked and there was no way they had forgotten to plug the sump pump back in.

He said he would come out but I would have to pay for the service call, etc. So he did. I was nice. He was polite. He looked at the well and he could tell that it was their screw up. He got the well pump working again. He pointed out that the sump pump was also plugged in. Then he said: “you got 20 dollars?”

That was the cost for the part he replaced on the pump. Twenty bucks. No service charge. No labor charge. No excuses.

I love my plumber!

Jul 13 / Vick Mickunas

WYSO needs our help

Well, it happened again. Lightning struck the WYSO tower during that terrible electrical storm the other night. They are still assessing the damage and it is severe. WYSO can use your financial support now more than ever. You can make a donation at the website:

I remember about 15 years ago when the tower took a similar hit. We were off the air for a week. I had an interview scheduled with Pat Conroy right after the signal melted down. He came out to the studio to talk about his novel “Beach Music.” He had a very nervous publicist with him. She came in the lobby and said she had been trying to tune us in and wasn’t able to pick up the station. I thought she was going to have a breakdown when I explained that we were down for the count.

Pat Conroy was totally cool with it. No worries. We taped an interview to play later. That was my first time meeting Pat. What a gentleman. What a cool cat. What a genius writer!

Make a pledge to WYSO. Help the station during this difficult time. Thank you.

Oct 6 / Vick Mickunas

Listen to this Book Nook podcast

Click here to listen

Gary Shteyngart talks about his new novel; SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY…. it recently came out in paperback.

Sep 22 / Vick Mickunas

The Book Nook is back in a regular slot


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